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If Kristina were talking to you right now, here’s what she would say:

1. I’m a no-nonsense SEO consultant who has worked with Fortune-500 companies as well as small and medium businesses. I helped one of my eCommerce clients achieve a 5400% increase in sales.

2. I’m a direct and organized person who loves strategy, deadlines, responsibility and keeping your team accountable.

3. I don’t just do SEO, I help your business hit goals and track the KPIs properly. That’s why I deliver recommendations not for the sake of delivering them, I give you the things that actually matter.

4. I’m an SEO expert who is recognized by other SEO experts. I’m often invited to speak at various SEO conferences and webinars.

5. I was asked to stay as a consultant after leaving 3 of my previous full-time positions. This speaks a lot to the quality of the work and results I deliver.

An interview with Kristina on the Women in Tech SEO blog.