Christmas Magic: A Guest Post By Courtney

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Christmas Magic
By Courtney

We had one of those weeks where we were gone every night. I could feel the exhaustion and the high stress level as I walked through the door that Friday evening.

We were changing and packing food for our boys to eat on the way to the funeral home. A dear friend had gone to be with the Lord and it was important that Kenny and I pay our respects even if it meant we had to bring our boys with us.

I’m sure we reeked of the hot dogs we had consumed on our way there and spit up from Hank. I felt badly for the people who stood near our family and had to smell us for forty-five minutes.

There were a few melt downs from Hank and Wyatt as we waited our turn to say goodbye, but all things considered, our boys did great.

We arrived home just in time for bed and I felt guilty that we didn’t get to spend any fun time together.

Kenny and I decided to throw the bedtime routine out the window. Everyone put on their pajamas and cozied up to watch the movie Elf. Hank only made it 20 minutes.

Wyatt, who looked exhausted, excitedly watched each scene. He didn’t say a single word for the entire movie until Santa’s sleigh took off.

Them, from the quiet of the living room, we heard,

Look Dada, Anta’s (Santa’s) flying!

And that, my friend, is Christmas magic!
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ABOUT COURTNEY: Courtney LOVES Michael Jackson. Music. Not the person. Important distinction. She knew all of the words to Michael Jackson’s songs before it was cool to love his music. Proof of Courney’s coolness: She wore a red leather jacket to kindergarten that had Michael Jackson’s name across the back and chains on the front. Proof that Courney’s Nana is even cooler: Courtney’s Nana made it special for her.

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