Elf on the Shelf: A Guest Post By Courtney

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Elf on the Shelf has become one of those terms that goes hand in hand with Christmas. It ranks up there with cookies, Santa, and ugly sweaters.

I don’t know too many people who don’t know what Elf on the Shelf is. My Facebook news feed is littered with Elf on the Shelf posts. There are photos of elves swinging from lights, going on dates with Barbie, TP-ing the Christmas tree, and pooping out mint candies.

Then, there are the posts about how much some parents hate the hassle of an Elf on the Shelf. They feel pressure to outdo the other elves and often forget to help the elf find his or her new spot each night.

Even our local library has a mischievous elf that we look for each week.

[Insert a shout out to Melvil — Whoop Whoop!]

Never did I think there would be so much discussion about a stuffed doll or such strong opinions about this tradition. It was even the topic of discussion at a luncheon this week.

The Biter household received our very own elf this year.

I was so excited to get the elf. I love all things magical! Our elf has not gone wacky. He simply moves from shelf to shelf. Crazy right?!

Wyatt (2 years) enjoys finding him each day. Sometimes our elf doesn’t go see Santa until I’m at work and we find him after supper. What can I say – our elf is just too tired at night to travel. He isn’t really a night flyer. Bright lights hurt his sensitive eyes.

Hank (11 months) could pretty much care less since our elf isn’t something with wheels or an item that he can eat. He does like the song that Wyatt and I sing when we find the elf and claps along with us. Although, I’m convinced that Hank thinks we are clapping for him and thus joins in on the fun.

We put Hank in some Christmas jammies last night. He was so cute and we laughed about how he looked like an elf on the shelf. There were jokes about what kind of strongly braced shelf we would need for our little porker of an elf, and we took pictures of the little bugger fast asleep.

Later that night, I slipped in Hank’s room for a goodnight kiss only to find the cutest sight; Hank sound asleep with his Christmas hat pulled over his eyes.

We asked our Elf on the Shelf (who has yet to be named – oh the pressure to find the perfect name) to pose for some pictures to use as blackmail for Hank when he is an uncooperative teenager.

Kenny and I giggled and had so much fun trying to sneak a few pictures without waking Hank up.

Later that night, it occurred to me that we probably have had more fun with this elf than our kiddos. I look forward to drinking glasses of wine while helping our elf bake cookies long after my children are in bed.

Yep. We live wild and crazy at the Biter household! Bring your Barbie and come party with us until 9 PM when it is officially lights out.

I’d love to hear what your opinions are of the Elf on the Shelf. Any suggestions on a name for our little blue eyed boy elf?

Merry Christmas to you and your family! Remember the reason for the season and don’t let those little elves stress you out!

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