Morning Shuffle: A Guest Post By Courtney

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Guest Post Saturday! Mornings can be a little hectic. Then there are Courtney’s mornings. I need another cup of coffee just reading about her morning shuffle! Please subscribe to get posts delivered directly to your email inbox. Thanks for reading!

Monday through Friday, I wake just as Kenny finishes in the bathroom at 5:40 am. Hank is usually announcing to the world that he is ready for some milk. Herein I lie in a conflicted two minute window. I am conscious and need to get out from under my cozy blankets; simultaneously I refuse to acknowledge the world. Lying there, with eyes closed, I pray something short and informal that goes something like this:

Dear God,

Thank you for another day with my family. Thank you for Kenny who puts up with my crap on a daily basis and still chooses to love me. Thank you for Wyatt and Hank’s health and my mother who willingly watches them for me. Please keep us safe in our travels. Help me to be a better a mother and wife.

Then, my prayers always end the same…

Please, Lord, help me get through this morning safely, and if possible, with some part of my sanity left. Amen

I know what some of you are thinking. . .

It can’t be that bad. You have a 2 year old and an 11 month old. Can’t you just put on some cartoons until it is time to go?

My Morning Shuffle
It seems my mornings are often filled with the unexpected. The task of getting both boys in their coats, shoes and hats feels almost impossible.

A few mornings ago, it was close to the time when we needed to leave; panic of being late began to take over. Wyatt insisted on playing with a toy. Hank wanted nothing to do with his jacket. I bargained with Wyatt that he could take his toy with him today if he would put on his shoes. He agreed to the terms and headed for our mud room. I scooped up Hank and followed Wyatt through our kitchen.

I wish I could remember exactly how everything played out, but basically, Wyatt tumbled down the stairs. . . like the entire way down from the top. . . head first. There was a brief pause mid-way down where I thought he might stop, but he continued on his merry way bumping each step as he went. I rushed to the bottom and scooped Wyatt up. I checked him for blood, broken bones, or anything that hurt (I suspect his pride suffered the worst).

Meanwhile, in house crazy, Hank decided that I was no longer fit to be a parent and tried to escape into the garage via our spring loaded screen door. As I mended Wyatt, I heard new cries from behind me. Hank pushed the door open just far enough to get his head stuck. And in Hank’s attempt to get his head free from the door, he got his fingers pinched under it.

I count it a miracle each day that we make it to my mom’s house. It is a good thing that she is my mother and has to unconditionally love me because I usually drop off the boys with a morning update that goes something like this:

Hank ate breakfast. . . twice. He still seemed hungry when we left, so please give him some yogurt to hold him until snack time. Wyatt slept in and didn’t eat yet. Don’t be worried if you see any red marks on the boys. Wyatt just fell down the steps, and Hank got his head stuck in the door. Also, the car started to stink on the way here, so I’m pretty sure that one of them pooped. Call if you need me.

Then, I get in my car and thank God for helping us to survive another morning shuffle.

So tell me, what kind of crazy happens at your house in the morning?

Happy Reading,

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