Ribbon Candy Ornaments: Forever Sweet Memories

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Making Ribbon Candy Ornaments & Friends
Prior to writing my last post I was overwhelmed from dealing with emotions during the demanding holiday season.

This is life.

Life is an opportunity to chose what we will focus on. Our reactions determine who we are or will become.

I want to thank my friends and family who have encouraged me to be strong and stay in the light.

When my family got home from Christmas Eve mass, there was a package. For me. Unexpected sweetness that I will treasure forever.

This letter explained the ribbon candy ornaments –
Dear Charlotte,

When I was a child, my Nana set out a bowl of the prettiest candy I had ever seen. My Nana explained that it was ribbon candy. I ate a few pieces, but mostly I just sat near the bowl and admired how the light bounced off the brightly colored glass-like pieces of sugar. I thought about that candy all year.

The next Christmas, I noticed that my Nana had purchased a box of candy. I am one of many grandchildren and it was easy to feel lost in the chaos. I couldn’t help but feel that the ribbon candy was a gesture just for me. I’ve never told my Nana how much I’ve always loved her ribbon candy.

My grandmother moved into a small apartment this year and I was struggling to think of something to get her. I decided on a box of ribbon candy. I’m hoping that she opens it while I am at her house so I can see the light dance off the candy.

Ribbon candy isn’t a common thing. I’ve always thought of ribbon candy as a very special treat at Christmas time. I refuse to buy it for myself because I get such joy finding it pop-up at parties and unexpected places.

I was so touched by your email to me about celebrating Christmas with your grandparents in past years. The email sat in my heart for a few days and I kept thinking about that darn ribbon candy. I didn’t know anyone else who had such strong memories of ribbon candy.

I had once seen a craft show where they made ribbon candy ornaments. I’ve tried my best to recreate the ornaments as I remember from years before.

I made five (one for each of your girls) so that you will always have ribbon candy and warm memories this time of year.

Merry Christmas! I really value the friendship that we’ve created over the past year! You’ve given me so many laughs and an outlet to tell my stories. Thank you!


Courtney L. Biter & Family

P.S. My ribbon candy is sugar free, fat free, and calorie free. 🙂

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